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Spooky Halloween Certificate Template

  September 20, 2011  /  writer2  /    0

holidays spooky halloween Spooky Halloween Certificate Template

Do you want to hold special Halloween party? If you do, you might want to create the scariest Halloween costume. And to make it more interesting, you can give the winner a certificate as scariest costume ever. This Spooky Halloween certificate template should be great choice for that.

Although it said to be Spooky Halloween certificate templates, the image on this template make me laugh. It’s visualized a man that apparently just enter his home from working and he ran away because from his home there’s mummy chase him. Maybe, Spooky Halloween template for certificate uses the mummy to describe the spooky stuff. But, for me, mummy is cute, isn’t it? However, with black color theme and mummy, also bats, plus full moon, this certificate template is suitable for a prize for the scariest person that comes into your party. But, don’t forget to give it to your friend that wearing the costume, not, the real ghost or monster that comes to your party accidentally.

You can get this spooky, yet, funny Halloween certificate template from download link you can find on this page. It’s free to download and edit. Overall, this is one of great free Spooky Halloween certificate templates you can find on the internet.

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