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Quitting Smoking Printable Certificate

  May 29, 2012  /  writer2  /    0

Quitting Smoking Printable Certificate 300x232 Quitting Smoking Printable Certificate

As we all know, smoking cigarette is categorized in bad habit. So, it would be better, if you stop smoking right now! Of course, to make it feel satisfied, you can use this Quitting Smoking printable certificate as a reward for your effort.

Beautiful and cute, that’s what you can find on this Quitting Smoking certificate template for the first time. The design that used on this template is simple and cute. It uses vector style artwork. The funny thing on this Quitting Smoking template for certificate is the artwork of cigarette. It shows the image of broken cigarette, but, it’s still burning and smoking. Maybe it shows that you quit smoking. The blue color that this certificate template use, on the background, font color and frame gives some relaxing effect. That’s great thing, because, it make you feel more comfortable when you quit smoking. There’s also award star that has color match with the cigarette filter.

Basically, we can say that this certificate template is well designed. It’s beautiful, cool and suitable with what you want to do, which is quitting smoke cigarette. You also can put any words on it. If you want to get Quitting Smoking certificate templates for free, you can use link below.

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