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Prize Certificate for Kid Template

  July 6, 2012  /  writer2  /    0

Prize Certificate for Kid Template 300x231 Prize Certificate for Kid Template

Although it is holiday, it doesn’t mean that you have to go abroad with your kid. It will be great if you can arrange a competition and let the children beat it. The competition can be anything as long as it increases the creativity and team work of the children. While preparing the competition, you also need to prepare the certificate.

Just download season and holiday certificate template available here to support the competition. The design of this template is great for competition. It is a perfect template to give congratulation to the winner of the competition. What makes this prize certificate for kid template unique is on the frame in which it uses colorful ornament to show happiness and cheer up. Although it is only an informal competition to spend holiday but you can make the certificate just like a formal one.

Just add specific information such as the name of the competition, the name of the winner, description, date, name and signature. Hopefully, this festival competition certificate template design can make the children happy and they have something to do in their holiday. The last step, you need to do is printing this prize certificate for kid and give it to the winner. Definitely, it is a great activity instead of going to the different country without doing anything.

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